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Are you in Barcelona? Well if so you can not miss one of the most intense artistic experiences of the season presents the always great Michael Leal in the creative space ” Straight Fire “at number 26 of the Parliament street of Sant Antoni, of Barcelona. This time, the work of Leal, ” MAD FACE “is a project started two years ago and focuses on exposing the most beautiful side and darker at the same time human. The intimate and everyday they go out, and the naked body is mixed with the urban setting as posters, graffiti, collages and ink colors that form the secret language of the artist.
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…in their millenial and long-lived patience they knew quite well how, in a hundred years, or a thousand years’ time, or else, perhaps, tomorrow, in an hour’s time, for it was all a gamble, a million to one chance, but all the same there was a chance that if they kept on shaking their chains, one day, some day, the clasps upon the shackles would part. By Angela Carter, Nights at the Circus (via iwishicouldbeabird)